Letting go of little things

Hey guys!  Today I wanna talk a bit about letting go.  One day I might speak with you about letting go of deeper things.  Like moving past the death of someone you love, letting go of a relationship that ends and breaks your heart, moving to a new place, changing jobs…   (I have experience in some those areas and I know how hard they can be.)  But today I’m talking about letting go of little things.

I’m gonna be honest and tell you that my house is far from where I would like for it to be.  It needs to be organized and reorganized a few times to get things more functional!!  I know this full well, and I’m finally at a place that I am ok with purging as much as I can.  Anyone that’s known me for long knows that I have resisted this, fighting tooth and nail for a long time!  But we need to get rid of some things.  I need more peace and clarity in my home.

So why is it that when I look in the cabinet and see the bottles, bottles that my youngest stopped using a long time ago, I can not get rid of them?!  I’m talking some serious silliness here guys!  I see all those bottles, taking up almost half of the bottom shelf in that cabinet, and no one is using them.  I look at them and say to myself  “I need to get those bottles out of there.”  I feel fine about that when I say it, but then I start to do it and literally start to tear up!!  So I leave them there a little longer.  The Lord has blessed me with 5 beautiful children to love and watch become the people God has made them to be.  I get to experience life and love through each of them differently and 5 is more than many people get.  My last two pregnancies were very hard and I came close to losing both of them.  I don’t want to go through that again and I do not have the “baby bug” desire for another baby.  Besides the fact that I breastfed my kids.  So the bottles came later and weren’t as much of an attachment as nursing them was.  But I can’t take them out of my cabinet!!  I do admit I baby my baby, who is almost 2 1/2, but it’s not like I want him to take a bottle again.  I wouldn’t even let him if he wanted to.  So what’s wrong with me?!  I’m thinking it’s maybe because I do believe he will be my last. (Although I’ve learned to never say never.)  I think it’s not just about him, but about all my babies.  Like putting the bottles away for the last time is so final.  It doesn’t change the fact that I will probably never need bottles again, but maybe it finalizes that part of my life in some way in my heart and mind.

You might think I’m writing this to encourage you to let go of whatever little thing you are holding on to that really doesn’t make sense, but I’m not!  And I’m not putting those bottles away yet either!  I’m just wondering why we do that.  Is it helpful to us in some psychological way?  Is it healthy?  Or unhealthy (probably)?! In the big scheme of life it probably doesn’t matter, and it isn’t hurting anybody.  Although you could probably benefit in some way by letting go.  For me it would mean more cabinet space and a better organized cabinet.  And they will come out eventually.  Just not yet.  So here’s what I say about it… If you are holding on to something and you know you need to let it go, maybe you should.  But maybe there’s some reason that you just aren’t ready, and I think that’s ok too.  As long as your not being totally unreasonable, or hurting yourself or anyone else in any way by holding on to it.  I’ll be praying, asking the Lord to help me to know when it’s time to pack up those bottles.  And asking him to help me to accept it and have peace when I do.  Maybe he will also show me why I’ve had such a hard time with it.  So tell me my friend, what little seemingly insignificant thing have you held on to and for how long?  I’d really love to know!  Maybe we are just hopelessly sentimental!  And I don’t know that that’s a bad thing.  I will talk to you soon!!


Smile through the trials!! (big and small)


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