Holiday Traditions

Hey guys!  Today I just want to chit chat about Holiday traditions and trying to manage all the super fun things that we want to do until Christmas.  The Holidays are such a fun time, but it can also be a stressful time.  As we talk about traditions, I’d like to remind you not to take on too much.  That can be really hard, especially for moms.  There are so many fun things we’d love to do, but only so much time.  When we take on more than what we can handle it makes what should be a very special time, overwhelming and stressful.  Here are a few questions to ask yourself when you get a new idea, or become determined to carry on an old tradition that’s a lot of work, or someone asks you to do an extra task…..

  1.  Is this something that I will have time to do?  That seems simple, but we tend to overestimate our own time management skills!  That, or we have a hard time saying no, and put too much on our plate anyway.  Whatever it is that you are considering, decide rather or not you really have the time to do it.
  2. How much does it mean to me and my family?  Certain things that we do mean the world to my kids.  Our count down chain (which I can’t believe we haven’t made yet, but I assure you we will be doing that this evening!), their chocolate advent Calendars, hot chocolate by the fire on Christmas Eve, the list goes on.  But some things aren’t quite as important to them.   As a matter of fact they might not even remember doing some of it.  I’ve noticed sometimes we get very determined to do the things that we’ve always done, even though they don’t really mean a lot to any of us.  We have to realize it’s ok to let go of some traditions that aren’t working for our family.
  3. Will we be able to afford it?  This is usually my least favorite one.  I hate for money (or lack there of) to get in the way of things that I want to do!  But realistically, if something really is beyond our means, we might need to let go of it for a less expensive option.  (That weekend ski trip with friends might need to be a special dinner this year, and maybe you can put back money for a ski trip for next year.)

I suggest that you make a list of the things you’d still like to do, prioritize them, and schedule the fun until the big day!! There are only 12 days left…  Make the most of the remaining time and try not to overwhelm yourself or your family!!

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