Happy 2016! Setting goals for yourself and your family.

Hi guys!!  I hope you’ve had a great last couple of days.  Have you set some goals for 2016?  Any New Years resolutions?  I keep hearing people say that they aren’t calling their decisions “resolutions” anymore because no one ever keeps their resolutions!  What do you think?  Is it pointless to set some things in order for the new year, no matter what you call it?  I don’t think it is.  I think that if you are truly ready to make a change, it’s great to get it as mapped out as possible.  And while it’s great to do that at any time, the new year just feels like a fresh start and a great time to do it.  Yes, I understand that it really is just another day.  Things didn’t magically change between Dec 31st and Jan 1st.  The new year doesn’t actually make us able to do things that we couldn’t do before.  But the feeling of a fresh start, and a bright new year does help to motivate us, and we should probably take any adrenaline boost we can get!  And the thing is, things can change dramatically between Dec 31st, 2015 and Dec 31st, 2016.  One day at a time, with some serious decisions and effort toward that end.

I don’t know that I would call the decisions I’ve made resolutions.  But I’ve definitely set some goals for 2016.  One of them is to post more to my blog.  So that means I’ll get to connect with all of you more!  I’m still having some technical difficulties with my video system, and that’s holding up my craft tutorials, but I will get it figured out.  I’m nothing if not determined!

Speaking of goal setting, I think it’s a great idea to include our families in our journey.  One way to include them is to let them know what you are planning to change in, or add to, your life.  It will help to keep you accountable and it will also be great for them to see you set goals and achieve them!  That’s not to say that you can’t keep some personal things to yourself, but choose some that they can be a part of in some way.  I also think that it’s a really great idea to have them set some goals for themselves.  For some reason my kids really fought me on that.  I had to make them do it.  But New Years Eve I had printed some goal sheets out for them and told them they had to come up with at least a few things.  It was a bit difficult because they really do try in school, and their extracurricular activities, so saying they will do their best really isn’t something that would be much of a stretch.  (Although my daughter did decide she’s going to try to raise her History grade.)  So they didn’t know what goals to set and honestly, I had a hard time thinking of stuff for them too.  I decided to print off a freebie that I found online (I just googled Goals for kids) and that gave them some ideas.  Beyond their goals I also set down and made new chore charts for everyone.  (They were very excited about this… Ha!)  I’ve made cute crafty charts for them in the past, and might take the time to do that again, but I didn’t want to spend a lot of time on them because I wanted them ready asap.  So I googled “Chore charts for kids” and found some freebies that would work for what I had in mind.  (Tip* rather than having to print them each week, I put them in a cheap picture frame and hang it on their wall with a dry erase marker.  They can check everything off, then once I’ve verified it, wipe it clean and start fresh the next week.) The other thing that they are doing this year is writing every night in their “Choose Gratitude” journals, that I got them for Christmas.  They were honestly reluctant to do this too, but they are finding out it’s not that difficult to think of one thing each night to be grateful for.  (You can read more about the Choose Gratitude journals by Crystal Paine in the post I wrote about her Choose Love and Choose Gratitude products.)

I’m really excited for the goals I’ve set for this year, and I’m equally excited to see my children try to better themselves as well.  I know they don’t realize how good it will be for them, but I think reaching for something, even if it’s small, will teach them a lot about who they are and who they want to be.  And it certainly won’t hurt to focus on the things that they are grateful for!

If you haven’t set any goals for this year it’s not too late!  We still really do have a whole year new ahead of us!

Smile through the trials


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