Can you say it’s been worth every trial?

Hi friends!  If you didn’t notice, I didn’t post last Sunday.  Sorry about that.  I didn’t have anything prepared and I didn’t want to type something up just to get it posted.  That doesn’t feel very authentic to me and is not the way I want to run my blog.  I’m sure you understand that.  It was interesting because I was a little bummed about not having posted anything, and then at church, some young people sang a song and it made me think.  And I realized I had my post!  I don’t know what the song was titled, but it said “It’s been worth every mile, it’s been worth every trial.”  The word trial stuck out to me because it’s in my blog name of course.  But then I started thinking about the words of the song.  And I wondered, how many people can truly say that?  I know we believe (most people do anyway) that everything we’ve been through has made us who we are today.  But what if, if those things had played out differently we would be a better version of ourselves today?  Are we really so proud of the person we’ve become that we would say we wouldn’t change anything that made us that person?  I get it, we are at a point of going forward, hopefully, and we can’t do that if we are busy wishing we were someone else.  I figure in my life, things had to happen the way they have for me to have all of my children.  So I wouldn’t want to change anything that would change them.

Really, we can’t change anything anyway.  As neat as the movies might make it look, time travel is not possible.  So maybe there is a way to look at things rather than saying we wouldn’t change it if we could. (Although some people say that to give themselves a peace that they might need, and that’s ok too.)  Maybe instead we should realize that we can’t change it, so we will embrace it, accept it, and move on.  In every situation, good or bad, we do learn something.  It might be a hard lesson, that we don’t feel we need in our lives, but it’s a lesson.  And yes, it does shape us in at least some way.  The best thing we can take from the hard things is the fact that we will be able to be there for someone in the future in a way that maybe no one else can.

The problem we tend to have is when we hold on to things that we need to get past.  Because then we will start allowing ourselves to be shaped into somebody that we probably don’t want to be.  Holding on to unforgiveness makes us mean and irritable.  Holding on to bitterness also makes us mean, and usually very cold towards others.  Holding on to hurt makes us depressed, and sad.  And on and on.  God doesn’t intend for us to live like that and we should not want to either!  The song goes on to say “it was worth every valley I’ve had to cross.”  I’ve crossed some very dark valley’s in my life.  Did I enjoy them? No!  Do some of them still hurt to think about?  Absolutely!  Can I change it?  No.  Would I, if I could?  It doesn’t matter.  Because I can’t.  I am where I am.  And no matter what, today is today.  So all we can do is go forward.  There are many things I can look back on, and even if I still don’t know why, I do know with out a doubt that God was with me and did not leave me during those times.  Just like he promised.  And I know that one day I’ll understand.  Have you ever noticed this?  When you are (physically) in a valley all you can see in front of you is the next step, and maybe more of the valley.  But when you are on a mountain top, you can not only clearly see the next step, but you can look back and see the entire valley as well…  Sometimes it’s a long uphill climb before the valley’s become clear.  And I believe we won’t fully understand some of them until it’s all said and done.  But we have to keep moving forward.  Don’t get stuck in a place that hurts and refuse to keep going.  Keep going.  Learn what you can, and let go of what you need to.  I’m assuming one day we will be able to say “It was worth every trial.”  I hope so anyway!

Smile through the trials (Or after you’ve gotten through them 😉 )


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