Happy Valentines Day!!

It’s Valentine’s Day!!  What are you doing on this special day meant to celebrate love and those we share it with?  Do you go all out?  Or do you not like the commercialization of it all?  I love Holidays and any excuse to celebrate!  I’m not saying spend a ton of money, Valentines day is one we don’t really spend a whole lot on.  But I do love any occasion to ya know, have an occasion!  Are you doing something special with your honey?  Do you get gifts for your kids, or just candy?  I’d love to know how you celebrate!  I don’t mean to spoil any surprises, but I knew I would get chocolate covered strawberries.   My husband gets them for me every year from a friend who’s wife makes them.  It’s a wonderful surprise, but, it’s not really a surprise. 😉   Don’t tell him ok… Other than that we don’t do a whole lot.  Usually a card, and a little bit of candy for the kids.

I do dress my kids in certain colors for most Holidays.  I had already bought some red and pink before I realized I wanted to use the Charlotte paper from the Charlotte workshops your way kit for my Vday scrapbook page(s).  That paper is mostly Slate, Whisper (grey colors) and Sorbet (a peachy pink).  So I got some grey to tie it in.  Yeah, I know it seems silly to match their clothes to my paper, but that’s how I roll sometimes!  Bummer I forgot to get myself something ’cause I like to take advantage of any opportunity to buy new clothes!!

Church was canceled this morning because of snow.  Should be able to go this evening though.  We didn’t go anywhere special or do anything different.  But we love each other and are together.  There’s nothing better than waking up and hearing each child say “Happy Valentines Day! I love you!”  I hope that we can remember to cherish those we love.  To look into their eyes and think of all the reasons that they are wonderful.  To think of all the blessings and excitement that they add to our lives.  Because life is too short not to savor every moment and every ounce of affection that we are blessed with.  I hope you have a blessed day and that love is in the air, wherever you are!

Smile through the trials!


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