I love you, even when I’m annoyed….

I was laughing last night as my 10 year old daughter was going to bed.  She asked me to do something and I couldn’t because I was getting the little ones down.  I said “Nope, you’ll have to do it yourself.”  Then I heard an over exaggerated sigh as she did it.  I could just see her eyes rolling, even though I couldn’t see her.  She traipsed through her room, not so lightly, and made it very obvious that I had wronged her.  It was heartless of me to not do this for her, although she could full well do it herself…  This display of aggravation humored me a bit as I thought about how dramatic she can be.  I know some parents would say this attitude called for discipline.  Sometimes it would, but I just let it be.  I’m a pick your battles parent, and to me this didn’t merit a battle.

After a minute or so I said “Goodnight, I love you!”  She got back into her bed and responded “I love you!”  She didn’t say it with the eye roll or a rude tone, just “I love you”.  Because she does.  Even though I was busy and couldn’t cater to her at that moment.  Even though she didn’t want to do it.  Even though she was annoyed.  The tone went away and she told me she loves me.  I’m not an expert at this parenting thing.  It seems I find criticism at almost every turn.  But I think that as a family, as long as you know that you love each other, and you are able to express it, you are blessed.  That little girl can drive me nuts.  She’s really coming into a trying age.  But hearing her say “I love you”  when she was annoyed, and letting go of her frustration so quickly, made me laugh and was such a blessing to me!  She may be rotten at times, but she’s MY rotten little girl!!

Smile through the trials



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