Mom fail that was a success!

I wanna tell y’all about making cupcakes for my sons student council meeting. But let’s start at the beginning. Y’all know I love papercrafting and making fun, pretty things for the kids’ activities. Even though I love doing it, I’ve been known to take on too much. When school started this year I told myself I had to be careful what I volunteer for. So at the first student council meeting I knew I had to think carefully about the sign up sheet. It came around super quickly and my little ones were being very distracting. So I had to think fast. I didn’t want to volunteer for a time that might be too overwhelming. So I chose snack duty for the Feb meeting. I was excited thinking I’d come up with something really cute for Valentine’s Day.  As time went by I kept it in the back of my mind that I wanted to come up with something fun for that meeting.  When it got closer, I told my son the really cute idea that I had seen on Pinterest and was planning to make. And then he said it. I was pretty disappointed when my son made the following statement. He said “No Mom, don’t do something all elaborate.” What?! He crushed my excitement! Why would he not want me to make him some really cool, fun snack?! I mean seriously, how…. he… gonna….? Right?

So there I was, not only back to square one, but unsure of what type of snack I would even make.  I saw a pink, Strawberry Cheesecake flavored, icing filled cupcake mix at the store.  They were pretty and looked yummy.  I snapped a picture with my phone and later showed it to my son.  He liked the idea, so I decided to make those.  But, uh, then the day of the meeting

The Mix
The Mix

rolled around.  And I remembered something that I don’t understand how I had forgotten.  I don’t do cupcakes.  Like for real.  I know they are relatively easy, and I do enjoy baking.  But I seldom make cupcakes and I’m really bad at making them pretty.  It was an ordeal y’all!  My little two have a tendency to get pretty wild and they were being seven kinds of crazy while I was trying to get those silly things done.  To say it was stressful would be an understatement.  For the first batch I had left the butter out for too long and it was almost melted when I mixed it into the icing.  For those of you that don’t know, there is a difference in room temperature butter and melted butter, and the way they react in a recipe!  I felt like the icing was gross.  (I’m still pretty sure it was.)  And not only did I have to put this icky icing on top but I also had to squish it inside the cupcakes!  I was pretty grossed out by how yucky these cupcakes were sure to be.  Side note, the icing being too runny also meant that I almost ran out before I was able to fill all of them.  I’m telling you, it was a mess!  So much so that I decided to scratch the whole thing and go get some store bought cupcakes.

I told you the littes were being seven kinds of crazy right…?  I needed to leave early to go to the store and they decided there was no way they were going to let that happen!  It got so late that I realized my only choice was to make the other

Not pretty!
Not pretty!

batch of cupcakes and take them anyway.  I was annoyed.  I know these things aren’t that important but Mommy fails aren’t fun.  And this was going to be quite the Mommy fail.  My son was gonna be so embarrassed when no one liked his snack!  And even more embarrassed if that icing gave the someone the runs! (I didn’t actually think it was unsafe or I wouldn’t have taken it.)  But I had to take something.  The icing was at least better the second time.  But not prettier.  I can make some things pretty, but cupcake icing isn’t one of those things!   I got them finished and in the car.

I was so concerned and annoyed by these ugly, yucky cupcakes that after I picked my daughter up and she took them in for the meeting, I ran to the store to grab some more snacks.  I figured I needed to give them something to eat when no one wanted the cupcakes!  But alas, we got back too late and they were already coming out.  I braced myself for my disappointed boy to get in the car.  He got in and I asked him if they were gross.  Do you wanna know what he said?!  He said “No, they were really good!  Everyone liked them and someone was even asking about the icing.  (That’s right, that frustrating icing!) I told them you made it but the mix came with stuff for it.”  He even told me that he needed to know the brand and such because someone had asked!  I was so surprised and it was so funny!  Here I was beating myself up about these silly cupcakes, and they were fine.  Totally fine.  And you wanna know a secret?  Kids generally don’t care a bit what they look like!  I felt better.  My supposed mommy fail turned out to be a success!  And I learned that it’s really silly to make such a big deal about little things like cupcakes.  I mean, how badly could I really have messed up a mix?  I was just stressed and got myself all worked up for no good reason.  We do that, don’t we, momma’s?  So let’s try to stop doing that to ourselves.  It really is silly.  I thought you all might get a good laugh at my silliness!  Now that it’s all said and done it really makes me laugh!  But I won’t be making cupcakes again.  Not for events anyway!  Have you had something like this happen to you?  I’d love to hear about it!  Share it with us in the comments!  I hope you have a blessed day!

Smile through the trials!


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