To plan, or not to plan…? That is the dinner question…

I’ve been talking to some friends lately about meal planning.  I might make a video for y’all or do a periscope on exactly how I make my menu.  It’s a bit of a process so I’d have to show you to be able to explain it!  Do you like to have a plan?  Are you someone that can plan it enough in your head, that you buy the right groceries and can work it out with out much stress?  Or do you frantically search your refrigerator and pantry at 4:00, trying figure out something that you can cook by 5, or 6 to your starving crew?!

If I don’t have a plan I’m frantic when its time to cook.  I’ll remember early enough in the day that I need to get some meat out to thaw, but I’ll put it off and then end up not getting anything out!  That’s the beauty of a plan.  When I do remember, I can check my menu to see what I’m going to cook, get it out, and not think about it again until time to cook!  If it’s something that takes a little longer I can do some of the prep earlier too so that we aren’t eating super late.  It’s really a blessing to know what I’m making for dinner and not have to stress about it.  So why do I not always do it?

The funny thing is I love to have a menu, however, I don’t always love to make the menu.  It can be pretty time consuming.  It’s not really hard, and I’ve done some things to make it even easier.  Some things you can do to help are: Make a list of some favorites and what cook book and page # to find each;  Divide the days of the week into categories to make the decision making easier. i.e. ground beef, chicken, slow cooker…; Keep all your menu stuff in one place so that you’re not searching for something during the limited time you’ve set aside to plan.

I don’t love going to the grocery store either by the way!  That’s another way that having a menu really is a blessing to me.  I make a grocery list off of my menu and then get everything that I’m going to need, meaning less small trips back to the store!  It also helps me to spend less money because I’m less likely to grab things that I won’t use.  I know that I put plenty of meals on my menu, so if an item isn’t on my list I know that I don’t need it.

I’m trying to have a certain day of the month set aside for planning the next months menu.  I get it done very efficiently sometimes, and sometimes I don’t…  So I’m thinking if a certain day (The last Mon of the month, the 25th of every month, something like that) is always my meal plan day, it might help.  I’d love to hear from you!  How involved is your meal planning process?  I hope if you haven’t tried it you’ll give it a try and see what a burden it really can take off of you!

Smile through the trials!


3 thoughts on “To plan, or not to plan…? That is the dinner question…

  1. Melissa says:

    I’ve gotten to ever I’m overwhelmed at the idea of even planning meals, let alone cooking them. I’m not sure why, I used to LOVE to cook!
    But, lately I’ve decided to put on my big girl pants and force myself to plan and shop from a list, with recipes (at least in mind)! Once I get that part overwith, cooking isn’t as much of a chore as I imagined it to be.

    • Tiffanythurston says:

      I’m the same way at times, but for me it comes in phases. Sometimes I love to cook and then I’ll go through about a week or so that I have NO desire to cook at all! The menu really helps at those times. I can just look at it and make what it says, even if I’m feeling uninspired…

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