As our seasons change…

Hey friends!  How have you all been?  I’ve missed chatting with ya’ll!  So… I suppose it’s time to announce my big news!  I am 9 weeks pregnant!!  Yes, yes, it is the 5th time….  Yes I know what causes it, yes we have a tv…  And whatever other funny little questions people ask when you tell them that you’re pregnant for the 5th time… 🙂  I’m not gonna lie it came as quite a surprise.  But, you know, you get use to the idea. And then it just becomes part of your life, and launches you into a whole new chapter that is totally different than the one that you thought you were embarking on.  I have been so so sick, it’s been ridiculous.  I have honestly barely been able to function some days.  Mornings are by far the worst so taking my kids to school (a 30 minute drive each way) has been miserable.  But, it’s slowly starting to get better, for which I’m very grateful.  So, if you’ve wondered why I’ve been MIA, now you know!

It’s funny how life changes paths so quickly some times.  For me, I was at a point where my little ones were getting easier.  Everyone can buckle themselves into the car, brush their teeth, etc.  All but the baby, who’s almost 3, can dress themselves, and basic things like that.  I’ve literally been in tears in the grocery store at times because my younger two are extremely hyper and very hard to control.  This isn’t due to lack of discipline (although lots of people give me awful looks, and make comments that make me feel like it is- another post for another day) but really is due mostly to very busy personalities.  My little girl is almost 5 and has gotten much better so I was looking forward to being past that stage.  I was also very excited about building my blog and online presence.  I was getting on periscope (@smilesntrials) consistently and had started a public instagram (@tiffanysmiles_) to be able to connect with many of you.  I was also on a search for a mic to fix my sound problems and start making those video tutorials I’ve been promising you all.  And then it all came to a stand still.  I pretty much stopped even getting on here, or any social media.  I was simply too sick.  For that matter, all of my planners have been blank for weeks!  Blank!  I haven’t even had the energy to plan, or at least make them pretty.  It’s been rough.  I’m not saying all of this for sympathy, just to explain how drastically what I was doing and planning to do changed.

But if you’ve been reading here for very long at all (Can’t be real long, my blog is still a baby itself!) or you know me personally, you know that I am very big on balance, and on accepting the seasons of life as just what they are, a season. Some seasons are wonderful, and some are very hard.  Often times the hard ones feel like they’ll last forever.  I was beginning to feel like all my hard work was going to be wasted and I’d have to start all over, or give up on it all together.  But I don’t want to do that.  I had to remind myself that this is just a season, and in the grand scheme of life, it’s not even a really long one.  So, my season that I thought was going to be one of pushing, working, connecting, networking, and making things happen… Is going to have to be a slow one of doing what I can when I can.  And that’s ok.  This may have taken me by surprise, but it didn’t take God by surprise, so I’m trusting him to guide me through it.

So, my friends, I hope to still talk with you all, at least weekly.  Hopefully more as things get more into some kind of normal.  But I won’t commit to it.  I can’t promise how often I will be around.  But I hope you’ll stick with me because I have lots that I still can’t wait to share with you!  Thank you for you patience and for your friendship!

Smile through the trials!


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