Fun flash sales with Close to my Heart!

1606-cc-flash-saleHey guys!  June is gonna be an exciting month!  Close to my Heart is having a flash sale every weekend all month long! Once the sale is announced you will have until the following Monday to order whatever it is and that’s it.  Time will be up and the offer will no longer exist!  They will announce each sale at 3:00 pm (MDT) on Friday and it will close the following Monday at the same time.   And… you might not even have that long because it will also be a “while supplies last” deal.  I’m getting really anxious for them to announce today’s sale and I’ll let you all know what it is asap!  Check my instagram @Tiffanysmiles_  It will be on there as soon as I can get it up there.  I’m hoping I’ll be able to announce it on periscope as well (@smilesntrials) but I never know how well live broadcasting will work out around here!  But if you make sure to follow me on, you’ll know if I pop on!  I’ll list it on here too, with the proper links to make it easier for you to grab the offers as quick as possible.  You can click the ‘shop with me’ tab up top on here to go right to my website where you can find more info as well.  I think this is gonna be a lot of fun and I can’t wait to see what they’re going to offer!  Stay tuned guys, and happy shopping!

Smile through the trials!


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