5 tips to start your Christmas shopping in July!

In honor of my Christmas in July series, I figured today we would talk a bit about early Christmas shopping.  I know it’s hard to give it much thought 5 months early.  But if you can do a few things now and in the following months, it will make things a bit easier come jingle bell time.  I have a number of ideas, but today I’m going to focus on a few that involve shopping.

  1. Decide where you will put your early purchases.  Do this first! You really don’t wanna get to the beginning of December, and start looking in all the places you might have put things, not even remembering what you’ve bought.  I have a snow man thirtyone tote in my closet that I store gifts in.  That way, even if I forget what I bought, I’ll have it all in one place when I need it.  (There’s also a secret place in my basement that I hide things that won’t fit in said tote.)
  2. Watch for clearance prices on things that you can use for gifts.  I was at JCPenney’s looking for maternity clothes.  (They’ve gone to only online like so many stores have, we can talk about that frustration another time…) They didn’t have what I wanted, but when I was walking out I saw scarves for $3.97 and… $1.97!!  If you have anyone on your list that likes cute scarves, you’ve just scored!  I bought 7, and with the $10 off coupon that comes in the mail, my total purchase was just under $7.00.  I got them for under $1 each!  If you happen upon a great clearance price on something you know would be a great gift, grab it!
  3. Amazon Prime Day!  If you are starting your shopping early, and are an amazon prime member, mark your calendar for July 12th!  They are advertising more deals than Black Friday, so it’ll be something to check out!  If you don’t have a prime membership, make sure to get one before the 12th.  We’ve been prime members for years and for us, it’s totally worth the price and the quick shipping is great!  I feel obligated to tell you that I’ve read that last year this was a bit of a disappointment, but, I’m definitely going to check it out and see what they have to offer this year.
  4. QVC Christmas in July!  I’m pretty sure the term “Christmas in July” is in my head from watching years of QVC having fun Christmas stuff for sale in July!  Not only do they have decor, but toys, and other fun things at sale prices.  I’ve already browsed and will be making an order in the next couple of days.  I recommend checking this one out, as I’ve already looked and I’ve seen some cool stuff!
  5. Buy a gift card every couple of weeks.  This can be done for two reasons.  If there are people on your list that you know you want gift cards for, make a list of those people and the places you will gift them cards to.  Every other week or so, pic up one of the cards off of your list.  You could even grab a few extra to common places like Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks, etc for people that you might forget.  OR you can periodically purchase gift cards to a place that you do a lot of your shopping and put them in a specific, safe place.  Then you can use them to buy gifts when you are ready to shop. That way you spread out some of the expense over a matter of months rather than spending the money all at once.

I hope there’s something on this list that can help you out in making your Christmas a bit less stressful!  We have more Christmas fun to come, make sure you check back and join me!

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Smile through the Trials!



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