Christmas in July!!

Hey guys, Happy Holidays!!  Ok, do I sound crazy?!  I’m sure I do… But, I am doing a little Chrismas in July fun at my house and thought I’d share a bit with y’all!!  Here’s the deal; I love Christmas.  Love like crazy, I’m totally a Christmas freak and it makes me so happy just to think about it, love.  But I also plan all kinds of things I want to do and only accomplish about half of them.  To be honest, that’s probably if I’m lucky.  We still have a special time as a family and there are at least a few things that I make sure to keep consistent through out the years.  That’s kinda the point of it being called a tradition, right?  But I still get a bit sad about the big plans and things I had hoped to accomplish but didn’t.  I also get stressed trying to do it all during the limited time that I work on it.  But on the flip side, if I “Christmas” for too long I get burnt out.  As much as I love Christmas, and I do, I tend to want the tree out of my living room, and the decor all cleaned up, pretty quick after December 25th.  So here’s my thought.  I’m going to do some of the things I want to do for Christmas now, in July.  Then I’m going to put it all up and not think about it any more until I start to get the Christmas spirit.  (Ya know, like, September… lol!)  That way there’s less pressure, and I take a break to avoid burn out.  Now there will be a few things I try to do from here until then, such as use swagbucks, and buy things on clearance, or pick up special items I know someone will want.  But the point is going to be mostly a “set it and forget it” or “make it and forget it” type of thing.  Are you with me?!  I’m not sure how many projects I’ll do, but I have list going that I’m going to attempt to knock out.  I want to include the kids in a few things that they can make for gifts (we love to make gifts) and just enjoy some stress free Christmas crafting.  Which, is another thing I’d suggest because it can be stressful to do all the crafts with the kids in the short time they are off of school for Christmas.  Even if you homeschool, it can be difficult to take off much time for Christmas.  (One year I started almost a month early so that we could take almost the entire month of December off.  I have to say I really loved that!)

I’m still pretty busy, but I’m going to try to accomplish as much as I can.  I’d love it if you want to follow along and I’ll be keeping all of my social media platforms up to date as well.  If you don’t follow me I’m @tiffanysmiles_ on instagram; @smilesntrials on periscope; and smilesntrials on youtube.  I am hoping I can get my youtube issues worked out because I really want to be able to do some videos for you guys!  But I’ll let ya’ll know here when I post videos.  Oh yeah, and I got set up with bloglovin’!  So if you search smilesntrials on bloglovin’ it will make it even easier to follow along!  I hope we can have lots of fun doing a little low pressure Christmas prep!

Smile through the Trials!



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