My 3 best tips for saving money for Christmas!

If you are participating in Christmas in July in any way, I’m sure the Christmas budget has crossed your mind.  We talked a little bit last week about ways you can start shopping early, which could help to offset that a bit.  But today I want to talk to you about saving money for Christmas time.

  1. Start a savings account.  If you search “Christmas savings plan” on Pinterest a number of savings plans will come up.  Some start in January, which would be hard to adjust to today.  But some start in June and it’s not too late to jump in on one of those!  I do recommend opening a separate bank account that’s just for Christmas, because it’s too easy to use the money for something else if it’s not in it’s own place.  I found a plan that I like that starts you on June 6th.  You start your account on that day, with just $26.00.  A week later, on June 13th, you deposit $27.00.  And so on, adding $1.00 to your deposit each week until the 28th of November.  Following this, you will have saved $1,001.00 by Black Friday!  This was obviously not written this year, as Black Friday will be the 25th in 2016, but it’s still close.  The most you deposit in one week is $51.00.  You could maybe combine the last two weeks to get to the desired amount.  We are $203 behind on this plan as of today, so if you want to catch up, deposit $203 and the resume the plan at $33.00 going up one dollar per week from next week on.  If you prefer to save $2,000, you would start at $52.00 and add $2.00 to your deposit each week.  (Of course in that case you would be $406 behind, and after that initial deposit you would pick up at $66.00) If you don’t want to make a large deposit to make up for lost time, you can start at $33.00 and you will still save $798.00 by late November.  Still totally worth the effort in my book!
  2. Get paid to shop.  Join a rewards program.  I like Swagbucks. I just started, but I know some people that have done really well with it.  It’s essentially a search engine that rewards you for using it.  You simply log in to your Swagbucks account first, and then go to whatever site you want to visit from there.  I’ve earned like, 500 points (SB) in a short time just by ordering things that I was going to order anyway!  You can also earn by logging in and taking their surveys, searching through their search bar, watching videos on there, etc.  On occasion you simply redeem your points (Swagbucks/SB) for gift cards.  You can choose lots of common places, such as Amazon, Starbucks. etc.  You can redeem your SB for as little as a $3.00 gift card, if say you just want an occasional free cup of coffee.  But if you save your points until you can get larger amounts you can use those gift cards to help with your shopping, or give the gift cards themselves as gifts.
  3. Share great info with friends.  A great example is Zulily .  I have shopped from Zulily for a long time.  Its very quick and easy to set up an account, and they have great prices on almost anything you can think of.  I buy almost all of my girls’ Dollie and Me outfits there because they are much less expensive there than I’ve found anywhere else.  So yes, I recommend making an account to shop, but, if you invite your friends, you can help yourself a bit more with that Christmas budget!  You can email them an invite, invite on FaceBook, etc.  When you do this, and they sign up, you get a $15.00 credit after they place their first order.  And you can do this as many times as you’d like!  Since Zulily sells such a variety of things, and includes some neat stores you may have never heard of, along with many very common ones, you are sure to be able to use those credits to do some of your shopping!  There are other apps, websites, etc that reward you in some way for sharing.  I don’t think you should just sign up for everything under the sun and push it on people.  But if you use it, and do love it, your friends will appreciate the tip!

I hope you are able to take advantage of something that will help you to save money for Christmas.  What a blessing it will be to lighten that burden a bit!

This post does contain some of my personal referral links.  I genuinely appreciate you trusting me to find info for you. 

Smile through the Trials!


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