Words hurt. They also heal.

Do you ever say something and then wish you could take it back? It’s pretty frustrating when that happens, but I think it’s especially disheartening when what you said was to your child. Ya know, we spend so much time telling them to be kind and think before they speak, but we are still human and we still mess up at times. I felt so bad the other day.  My four year old was sitting next to me on the couch.  Now, my son is not only very trying at times, because he’s excessively hyper; but he also has a tendency to talk 90 to nothin with very little stops for a breath! I was working on something that I really needed to finish and he was crawling all over me and just about pushing me out of my seat.  It was frustrating and I got upset with him.  I said something along the lines of  “Can’t you just sit down and be quiet for a few minutes?!”  He made a sad face and walked away.  I’m not gonna lie, though I’m not proud to say it, at first I was just relieved he had stopped.  I needed to get some stuff done and he needed to understand that sometimes he has to give Mommy a little space.  But then I looked over in the hallway and saw him.  He’s naughty, that’s for sure! But he’s my baby. and he can be so ridiculously sweet.  He was just sitting on his little bench with his head hanging down.  He was sad.  I started wondering what he was thinking.  Because to me I was letting him know that he has to respect the fact that Mommy has to get things done at times.  But to him, to him what was I saying?  Was I saying you’re annoying?  Was I saying I don’t have time for you?  Or, you talk too much?  I don’t want to deal with you?  I don’t know.  I don’t know for sure what he took it to mean, but I know something was going through his little head that made him sad.  I looked up and called his name and he smiled and came running.  We should really appreciate how forgiving kids are.  I told him that I love him and I wanted him to sit next to me, but I needed him to be quiet.  He was so happy.  It really made me think about how much my words mean to him, and to all of my kids.  It’s a blessing to know how healing my words can be to my children.  But also should be reverenced with caution how much power they have to hurt.  I hate it when I realize I’ve been short, or dismissive with my kids.  They need to know I love them and care about what’s important to them.  Words hurt.  And they also heal. I want my words to help my children, rather than hinder them.  

Remember; A word fitly spoken is like apples of gold in pictures of silver. (Proverbs 25:11).

Let’s speak life and joy to our children. Not the opposite.

Smile through the trials!


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