I’m back! And I’m ready to help you to find that smile!

Guys! I can’t believe it’s been a year since I’ve posted! I’m so excited to announce that I’m officially back!! I’m hoping to post with consistency again and get to reconnect with all of you!! So, I’m going to resume posting a family/mommy post every Sunday, late morning. I’ll probably go slow with getting back into the groove and sharing all the exciting things that I have planned, so for at least this third quarter of 2017 that might be all that goes up. But soon there will be a different type of post through out the week. (Still focused on being encouraging and helpful to you…) I’m not sure what day yet, if you have a preferred day feel free to let me know in the comments. The look, menu, colors, etc might all change a few times, as we at “Team Smile” have A LOT of fun things in the works, and it might involve a bit more tweaking. I just couldn’t wait any longer to tell you all that Smilesntrials.com is totally a thing again! And this time with a bit more to offer. 😉 Bare with me if I miss a step here or there, but my goal is to be able to talk with you at least weekly again on here and be here for what I started out to be here for; to encourage you to “Find your smile” in the trials of life!! If your new to my blog feel free to stick around a while and read some of my previous posts! I’ll link a few of the most popular for you down below to get ya acquainted with the site!

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I’d love to connect on social media.
I haven’t been real present on periscope but I plan to get back to that as well, and you can find me on there as @smilesntrials
I’m getting my FB page for my blog all set up and it’s also  @smilesntrials
Instagram was my first love (though my Insta is technically fairly new too)  and I never left it! LOL! Find me there @tiffanysmiles_

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