Mommy. The worlds best jungle gym!

Dude, what do I look like to you?! Lol! You ever find yourself saying that to your kid? I have. They climb all over you like you’re a standing obstacle course. I’ve been talking to people before and my child fell and I caught him with out interrupting the conversation, and went on as if nothing had happened. Except that the ladies I was talking to started to laugh and made a comment about how I caught him with out even thinking. It happens when you’re about 4 kids and 11 years (at that point)  in to the mommy thing… I didn’t think much of it until I saw another momma with a young boy having a similar, olympic training vs Mommy talking to a grown up, type of endeavor. It made me smile. She never skipped a beat. Though he was climbing on her, playing with his toys all around her, it didn’t distract her. Do we do this because we love them and know that they just want to be near us? Or because we are so desperate for grown up conversation, that we will have said conversation regardless of the frustration? Is it a skill, or a desperate plea for interaction?! I”m not sure, but I am sure that it’s just the way Mommy talk goes.  It’s also funny that it seems so much different to us when it’s someone else than when it’s us. When I saw this young lady I thought she was pretty awesome. But I don’t think I’m awesome when it’s me. When it’s me I usually just wish they’d sit still! Conversely I think some young women might see this and think of how they long to be that momma. But when they become a momma, realize that it can be very overwhelming! So I thought I’d encourage you with three things to remember when you find yourself a human jungle gym in the midst of trying to just be a human.


1) You probably missed your workout today. If you did get it in, well that’s ok, you just got a bonus work out!

2) If your kid is all up in your grill, you know where they are. They’re not off making sugar high deals with the other toddlers! (“I’ll give you my sucker for those two pixie stix.” “Nah man, that’ll only keep me up until midnight, I’m going for an all nighter. There’s a Power Rangers marathon tonight!”)

3) If you jump up and down and make it more challenging they are likely to sleep on the way home!

Ok, so I’m kidding. Well, a little serious, but I just wanted to make you laugh! Here are my more serious three things to remember:

1) They do truly do it because they love you and want to be near you. They won’t be small enough to climb on you for long, or interested in those hot wheels for that matter. So take a deep breath and embrace the affection and the desire to be in your presence.

2) It does mean that you know where they are. If they are physically touching you they aren’t wondering off and getting lost or hurt.

3) If it’s too much for you, or its beyond proper behavior, if they are being too loud or disrespectful, there might be a way to deter them. A coloring book would be a good alternative for many kids. (I have one that has never been at all interested in coloring, but most kids are.). You can also play a game with them that involves them being a super spy and being very still, or finding clues around the room, if space allows. If they feel like they have your attention to some extent and are given something exciting or at least interesting to do, they just might do really well while you finally talk to a grown up. (Or at least for five minutes…!)

Smile through the Trials!


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