Turn off your brain!

Ok momma, we are all guilty of this one!  Is it almost impossible for you to turn off your brain when you need to?  Or for that matter, to know when you need to…?  I go to bed at night and I swear my brain is spinning in circles at full speed! It’s like I just can’t slow it down.  I love having goals, and working toward those goals.  I love working and having projects that excite me and require something of me.  I love that my kids are involved in clubs and extra curricular activities.  And I love making crafts for said clubs, events, and school

parties, etc.  However, all of these things require time, thought, planning… you know, brain power.  And when I lay down to go to bed, (or take the occasional much loved nap) it’s sometimes hard to turn off my brain and go to sleep.


Sometimes it’s not even a matter of trying to sleep.  Sometimes it’s that you’re trying to work on something but your brain is all jumbled and you can’t think straight to do it.  Equally frustrating, and rather unproductive.  I thought I’d share a few things with you that I do to calm all the chaos that’s going on in my head.

  1.  Brain Dump.  If you’ve followed me here, or on social media for very long you know that I love a good brain dump.  If I can’t think straight and it’s really causing an issue, I know that it’s time for a brain dump.  You can do this many ways, but I just grab a piece of paper and start writing.  You might think it best to only write projects and big things.  Or the things you want to do in the next specific amount of time.  And if that works for you, do it that way.  But for me it’s everything.  I mean everything.  I just start writing and I write down everything big or small, present or future (even past if it’s on my mind).  Once I get it all down and out of my head I can start to focus on what I’m actually doing, or what I need to do.  That or go to sleep, if that was the purpose of said brain dump.
  2. Doodle. Doodling is similar to a brain dump except it helps when you don’t know what to write, or don’t want to write for some reason.  Sometimes you just don’t feel like writing everything down, but you need a brain release.  Doodling is great for that.  Sometimes I even doodle for a bit before I do a brain dump.  It just helps me to loosen up the cobwebs so to speak.  You can draw random things or take some time to learn/practice an art form such as hand lettering!
  3. Break out your planner.  I am a planner girl so I love planning.  I know not everyone does, but it really does help.  When you are thinking about dance practice, gymnastics, tae kwon do, hair cut appointments and a big work project…  It helps to grab your planner, or a simple calendar, anything that represents the days to come, and write it all down.  When you can see what is going on and when, it helps to get perspective and not feel like you have to remember everything.
  4. Pray.  When I feel like I’m losing it and I can’t get a handle on things, I take some time alone to talk to the Lord.  I ask him to help me and to give me perspective.  To get my stuff figured out and be able to keep up with it all in the best way possible.  If you’re not the praying type, I still recommend taking a few quiet minutes to yourself to clear your head.
  5. Get some fresh air.  Fresh air works wonders!  Open a window, and sit next to it; go out and sit on your porch, maybe with a good book.  If possible, maybe even take your work outside with you, you might find it much easier to accomplish.  Or go for a walk.   A nice walk outside can do wonders for a jumbled brain!
  6. Exercise.  Some love to work out, some hate it.  I have a love hate relationship with it.  So while I will tell you on most days that I love it, other days I might say it’s awful and if I run I will die.  Yes, I’m that fickle!  But it’s been proven that getting your heart rate up for a few minutes a day is good for you and I personally feel like there’s little that helps more in the attempt to release the fog inside the head.
  7. Veg out.  I offer this tip reluctantly because over use of this one can lead to less health and productivity rather than more.  However, if you can’t give your hamsters a break, it might be time to just plop yourself in front of a movie, or favorite tv show, and forget all your worries for a bit.  Especially if your situation is rather stressful.  Sometimes we need that bit of escape to be able to reboot.  I personally recommend this after the options above so that when you wake up the next day, things have been dealt with and are ready to be addressed, rather than just having been pushed aside, leading to more overwhelm when you pick back up where ever it was that you left off.

It might take some time, but try to teach yourself to relax when it’s time to relax, focus when it’s time to focus, and not think too much when it’s time to not think too much.

Smile through the Trials,


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