When you need to stop and enjoy the blessings.

The other day turned out to be a bit of an eye opener for me. I’m rebuilding my blog after a year of not having time to work on it. Learning social media as I’m still fairly new to it. And trying to figure out lots more business oriented stuff that I’m super excited about. But I also have 5 kids at home. So to say my time is limited is pretty much an understatement! It was evening and I was actually getting some work done when my oldest asked me help him find something downstairs. I know a lot of bloggers have their homes and such pretty much under control. And I love reading those blogs and getting tips and inspiration. However, I don’t hope to fool you into thinking that I’m one of those bloggers… Let me just tell you my basement looks like Toys R Us, along with a few small homes, barfed all over it! And it’s unfinished which doesn’t help a compartmental thinker like me because it means no orginaization! Don’t call hoarders. (You will want to if you see it, but then you will be the cause of the only episode with a nut kicking and screaming and not letting them get near her stuff. And no one wants that.) But for real, it’s not pretty… Anyway, going to find something amidst the piles and boxes of junk, can be quite an undertaking. But I went anyway. While we were looking for said missing item, he found his old safe. It’s this little safe that you open by speaking a password. He got it for Christmas when he was around 4 or 5 years old. I can remember him asking for it. What do you want for Christmas? He’d say “a safe that only opens to my voice.” That was exactly how he described it every time you’d ask. It was so sweet. He was the cutest darned thing I’d ever seen! When he found it and picked it up and sat next to me holding it and smiling about how much he used to love it, it made me remember that precious little man that he once was. And I could tell he was tickled by the memory as well.

Later in the evening I was working on something else when it was time to nurse the baby. I could transfer what I was doing to my phone and finish it while I nursed her, but I thought about being in the basement with my son earlier and decided I’d hold off on it and just nurse her. I quickly knew that looking into her little eyes while I nursed her, and talking to her was the best thing I could have been doing at that time! I’m not going to get to hold her for long, nurse her, make her smile just by being silly, so I want to appreciate it while I can. Life is so hard to balance, but these things didn’t take long and ended up being very special moments.
Don’t miss the special moments while you’re busy being busy! The laundry won’t fold itself, but it will still be there when the baby is asleep. The dishes won’t wash themselves, but they’ll still be there when you come back. I’m bad about not wanting to stop what I’m doing when they want to show me something. I mean, once I go and see what they want, and get back I have to figure out what I was doing and sometimes it feels like I’m starting all over. Usually just for a one minute story, or trip into their room to see something they’ve made, or how they’ve fixed their Barbie’s hair. But really, if you think about it, it usually is just a one to five minute interruption, to show them that I value them. To show them that what they are doing is interesting to me and that I care about what’s important to them. I certainly don’t want them to figure it best not to bother me because I’ll get annoyed, and I don’t care anyway, when they have serious things going on that they should be able to share with me. I hope more times than not, I’ll remember to stop!

Smile through the Trials,


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