Halloween costumes for teen/preteen boys, that aren’t scary.

So, I told ya’ll that I don’t let my kids dress up as anything scary for Halloween.  I wouldn’t anyway, but especially not since I have very little children as well and don’t want them to be scared.  But with older boys it can be hard to find costumes that aren’t scary.  I thought about that and wanted to offer a few suggestions.

  1. Darth Vador-  Darth Vador is great because he’s kinda “scary, but not scary”.  He’s a scary guy, but the outfit and mask won’t be giving anyone nightmares.
  2. Other Star Wars Character’s- Light sabers are cool and fun.  I don’t care how old they get!
  3. SWAT, police officer, or military- My son had a SWAT hat and vest last year that was meant as an adult costume from Walmart,  and it was a good “dressed up, having fun, but not too all out because I’m not a little kid” costume, in my opinion.  I think anything you can grab at an Army surplus store would bring the same effect.  I’m sure Walmart would also have something that would do the trick in these cases.  And boys of all ages feel cool when they dress up as these real life heroes, even if they don’t admit it!
  4. Detective/FBI-  Similar to above, but can totally be home made.  And he can pull off acting like he’s not dressed up if he sees anyone that he suddenly needs to be “too cool to dress up” in front of! (wink, wink)
  5. Martial Arts- if you want to be specific he could be the karate kid, or Jackie Chan, even Chuck Norris (If he knows who that is!). If he’s in Martial arts he has a quick easy costume ready to go already!
  6. Shrek-  I just think this would be fun!  And hey, he’s an ogre, so he’s another good “scary, not scary” choice.
  7. The State Puff Marshmallow Man- My cousin is such a good sport.  Her little boy is going as a Ghost Buster, and he was so excited that there was a State Puff costume!  So, yup, she’s doing it!  She’s dressing up in it just for him! That being said, I think it’d be fun for a teenage boy, especially if he has younger siblings going as Ghost Buster’s as well!
  8. Skate boarder/athlete- This could be as easy as carrying a skate board or a specific type of ball.  Or go a step further by dressing as a specific athlete.
  9. Doctor/nurse- easy to pull off with a stethoscope and scrubs or just a white lab coat.
  10. Hip hop dancer-  He would get to dress “cool” and act like it aint no thing!  Bonus if he can break out some cool moves!

My son hasn’t decided what he is going to do this year, but these are definitely some suggestions that we will be considering.  He did tell me that he’s probably just going to wear that SWAT vest and stuff that he wore last year to the Halloween party at Tae Kwon Do.  Works for me!

Smile through the Trials,


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