Sunday Morning Hustle!

Hey friends, how are you?  Did you survive another Sunday morning?!  It’s funny that our preordained “day of rest” can be so stressful isn’t it!?  We want to relax on Sundays.  And we usually can after church, but Sunday mornings for many of us tend to be less than leisurely!  And the more kids you have the harder it is to get everyone ready.  Have you ever thought about the fact that you probably leave later for church than you do to take your kids to school in the mornings?  So why is it so much harder?  I think a big part of the reason it that we actually care what they look like on Sundays.  LOL!  I mean, I expect my children to look presentable for school, but I’ve def let them go in some outfits that I just didn’t “get”.  For me, it’s also the fact that only two of mine go to school.  So while everyone does have to get dressed in the mornings, I’m not as concerned with what the little ones are wearing, as just the fact that they have clothes on!  And goodness knows Holidays are worse!  Not for everyone, but for the freaks like me that make everyone wear matching clothes…  (At least those clothes are usually chosen in advance though.) I love leisurely Sunday afternoons, but man, those mornings are stressful!  I can’t make it a morning with out stress for you, though I’d like to.   But I have some simple things you can try that might help.

  1.  I’m a big fan of laying clothes out the night before.  I make my kids do this for school,  but it’s also so helpful for church days.  And not just the kids,  it’s almost imperative that I choose clothes for the littles and myself the night before.  And here’s the bonus;  decide how you’re gonna fix hair and find all accessories!  Don’t assume she will be able to grab her pink headband when you ask, and definitely don’t assume shoes will be readily available!!  There are only a few places in my house that I put shoes, so I don’t understand it.  But, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve been late somewhere (not just to church) because of a random missing shoe!
  2. Have a breakfast plan.  Rather this is baking muffins the night before, a slow cooker breakfast, or something that you routinely make on Sunday mornings, have a plan.  Lunch time is often a bit later  on Sundays, so a good breakfast is really important.  But in the rush of the morning it can be hard to make sure everyone gets fed.
  3. Spend some time with the Lord.  I know this seems counterproductive, because you’re too busy to stop.  But a few peaceful moments of prayer and/or reading your Bible can make a major difference in the rest of your day.  It will help you to focus on what’s important and get you ready for service.  Just think how great our church services would be if we all came prayed up and ready to worship/serve!

These things would all be good tips for every morning, not just Sundays.  And they are things I try to do for everyday.  I just think it can be a bit harder to focus on routine for some reason on Sunday mornings.   I hope you’re Sunday’s can be more peaceful going forward!

Smile through the Trials!


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