Time to choose Halloween Costumes!

Halloween 2016

It’s that time again!  What do you do for Halloween?   We honestly aren’t really big on it, but we do have a lot of fun letting the kids dress up.  My little one’s especially, love to dress up for play all through the year, so an excuse to go out in public in their costumes is always welcome!  (Although my son was seriously that kid that went everywhere in his Captain America costume for the better part of a year…) So, I’m curious, what are your kids going to be for Halloween?  My girls already got Jo Jo Siwa  costumes from Wal-mart.  I’m not sure if they will both go as Jo Jo, but they’ve got the costumes and they’re actually really cute!  Wal-mart even had these really cute pink light up high tops that go with it really well.  And for right at $20!  If you’ve seen  high tops like them elsewhere, you know that they usually  cost around $60 minimum.

I’m not sure what my thirteen year old will be, and my four year old is leaning towards a power ranger, or a dinosaur   All of these are, of course, subject to change.  Probably more than once before it actually gets here!

Now, here’s the kicker.  What should the baby be?!  I’m so excited to dress her up, but they have so many cute costumes that I don’t know how I can choose!  My oldest was a snowman for his first Halloween.  That was easy, because “Frosty the snowman” was his favorite song, so when we saw the snowman costume we knew it was perfect!  Those types of things work out so well, but there’s really nothing she especially likes right now.  (Also presenting a problem for her First Birthday Party in Nov.)  I know it doesn’t have to have a special meaning, I might just pick one that I can’t resist based off of adorableness!  (is that a word?!) I’d love to know what your babies have been for Halloween?!  And what’s your process for choosing the perfect costume?  Or do you just let them pick something?

I thought maybe it would be helpful to compile a list of just about fail proof costume choices.  I think these suggestions are best for children in the 5-12 age range, but everyone is different so I’d decide based more off of personal taste than age.


  1.  Jo Jo Siwa. –  I might as well put this one on here since it’s obviously a popular choice.  Both my 6, and 11 year old daughter’s  just had to have it!
  2. Descendants- Any of the character’s from the Descendants movie’s will probably be a great choice.  Plus since we are talking Halloween here, these characters are perfect because they’ve got that bit of “good to be bad” attitude since a lot of them are, of course, the children of villains.  As a matter of fact, my daughter just had to get the Evie wig when we were at Walmart.  I guess she’s hoping for more than one occasion to dress up…
  3. Wonder Woman- The movie is new and very popular, so you probably can’t go wrong with a Wonder Woman costume.  I also noticed at Walmart, that there are a few different options for Wonder Woman (One pants outfit, I think I saw two different skirt options) so that’s nice for girls with varying tastes.
  4. Any Disney Princess-  Of course, especially for the younger girls, you probably can’t go wrong with a Princess.  I suspect Belle and Moana will be some on the top of the list, since those movies are more recent.
  5. Super Hero-  I saw a lot of Bat Girl costumes, including the oh so fun Lego Movie version.  Not all girls wanna dress up as a Princess, but don’t dismay, because there are plenty of super hero options available as well!


  1. Power Ranger-  This is first on my list becuase my little one is obsessed with Power Rangers, and the movie is still pretty new so I’m thinking it’s gonna be a popular choice.
  2. Super Hero- Batman, and/or Lego Batman will be  fun for boys, and I’m still gonna say any Avenger would be a safe choice.  There’s not a recent  movie but it’s heroe’s are still very loved!  My kids are also still very in to Superman, Spider Man, The Flash, etc.
  3. Minion-  Minions are fun for all ages, and if you have a little one that wants to go as one, it’s fairly easy for other members of the family to join them by putting together normal clothes to match what a human character on the movie wears!
  4. Star Wars- It would be fun to dress up as any character off of Star Wars!
  5. Minecraft- I don’t know how to dress up as Minecraft.  I did see one strange looking mask.  But if you can get creative and find, or make, a way to dress up as anything off of the game that’s all the rage with kids of most ages, it’ll probably be a winning idea!

I can’t wait to see what we end up with this year!  Feel free to leave me a comment and share what your family will be going as, or even let me know how it went after the fact!!

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