“12 tips for Christmas!” tip #s 1-4

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I did something this year that I had a lot of fun with!  I shared tips, tricks, and traditions that help me out during the Holidays.  They went up daily on FaceBook (fb.me/smilesntrials) and YouTube (smilesntrials) if you want to watch them!  But I definitely wanted to make sure I made them available to ya’ll as well.  So here are the first four…

1.) Tip number 1 is my favorite way to prepare a big cookie spread for Christmas Day!  It’s an easy way to have lots of choices and not a lot of stress.  Just freeze 6-12 cookies every time you bake cookies throughout the month, and then get them all out to thaw for the big day!

2.) Tip number 2  is to be prepared for impromptu hot chocolate!  Early in the winter I melt a few different types of chocolate, dip the ends of plastic spoons in them to coat, and freeze until I need them!  We love to use these flavored stirrers in our hot chocolate, and they are also great for Mommas morning coffee!

3.) Number 3 is a decorating tip.  If you’re like me and you like to switch out your pictures at Christmas, this might be the idea you’ve been looking for!  I replace my pictures with Christmas pictures, but I use to just take the collages, etc off the wall and leave them down.  Until my friend Trish told me what she does, and I”ve done it ever since!  I wrap them!  That’s right, just wrap it, and hang it back up on your wall. It looks like a present on your wall and it’s so much fun, and so pretty!

4.) Tip number 4 is for anyone that will have littles in their house during the Christmas season.  It’s simple, but so helpful.  Just change out all those pesky hooks on your tree ornaments for bread ties!

This is kindof a recap, summary.  If you’d like to hear me give these tips in detail, and if you’d like to hear the rest of them, I’ve linked the playlist to the picture in the top right, and you can watch it when you get a chance!

Smile through the Trials!


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