Five ideas for a fun weekend afternoon with kids!

Hey friends!  Recently I’ve been feeling like all the things that we do to try to be a “good mom” kinda get in the way of um, being a mom!  When did it become necessary for every kid to look like something out of a Gap Kids ad every time they leave the house?  When was the day that someone decided that we can’t do anything unless it’s perfect?  Last I checked my kids are happy any time I do something with them, for them, and they don’t really care about what’s not done.  Lets take a break from all the busy perfection, and just hang out, shall we?!  I was trying to think about some easy ways to hang out and have fun so I thought I’d share a few ideas with you all!  There’s a smile hiding somewhere in every busy day, one way to find it, is to just let yourself be you!

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1.) Play a board game.  This is a free, and really fun thing to do with kids.  Yes, it can be stressful. If you have any that are too little to play they can make it quite an ordeal.  Also, when a child first starts learning, they might be winey, and cry if they lose.  But it’s worth it to teach them because as they get older it will be a lot of fun.  Playing a game with your kids lets you enjoy each other in a setting with little pressure and where you don’t have to think about anything else that’s going on in your lives.  So especially when you’re struggling to connect, this is a great option.  If you want to take this to the next level, or your just in the market for some new games, you can subscribe to Awesome Pack!  It’s a customizable monthly subscription that’s sure to keep your “board game” game, strong!

2.) Play “kid games” with them such as Hide and Seek.  No, you are not too mature to run through your house in a frenzy and then squeeze underneath a coffee table in an attempt to hide from someone who will soon actively be seeking you!!  It’s fun.  It’s good exercise.  And there’s no good reason that people decide at some point to stop playing such games.  (Capture the flag, Sardines, etc) Remember that laughing with your children is a very good way to build and maintain a healthy relationship with them and I’ve seldom seen a game of hide and seek that didn’t involve laughter!

3.) Go to a movie.  Movie tickets are often cheaper for earlier shows, and there are less teens and older people there to make your older kids feel the need to act “cool”.  The ride to the theatre is also often filled with excitement to get to see the movie, and you can’t beat the fun on the way home discussing the movie, and hearing their take on different scenes!  If you want to make an event out of a movie trip, or go a few times a month I encourage you to check out Movie pass and/or Dealflicks. 

4.) Build a fort.  This is a kid favorite. Now, I’m not gonna lie, the mess and all the stuff being piled into one area, stresses me out.  But… it’s worth it at least on occasion.  Bonus if you rent a movie and have a living room sleep over!

5.)  Make a treasure map!  Here’s one to be creative! Those of you that are extra teachy can appreciate this.  It can be an all day event, or rather short lived.  You can prepare a map for them and they follow it to find the treasure.  Or you can have them make a map (which can be as simple or as detailed as you want).  You can even break into two teams and have some kind of a prize for the team that finds the other team’s hidden item (treasure) first.  (This could also be done as a Scavenger hunt.)

I know these aren’t ideas you couldn’t have thought of for yourself, but a little reminder of some simple ideas can do us all good! I hope you’ll have some time to focus on not having to focus on much other than your family!

Smile through the Trials!



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