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“12 tips for Christmas!” tip #s 1-4

Click the pic to watch them all!

I did something this year that I had a lot of fun with!  I shared tips, tricks, and traditions that help me out during the Holidays.  They went up daily on FaceBook ( and YouTube (smilesntrials) if you want to watch them!  But I definitely wanted to make sure I made them available to ya’ll as well.  So here are the first four…

1.) Tip number 1 is my favorite way to prepare a big cookie spread for Christmas Day!  It’s an easy way to have lots of choices and not a lot of stress.  Just freeze 6-12 cookies every time you bake cookies throughout the month, and then get them all out to thaw for the big day!

2.) Tip number 2  is to be prepared for impromptu hot chocolate!  Early in the winter I melt a few different types of chocolate, dip the ends of plastic spoons in them to coat, and freeze until I need them!  We love to use these flavored stirrers in our hot chocolate, and they are also great for Mommas morning coffee!

3.) Number 3 is a decorating tip.  If you’re like me and you like to switch out your pictures at Christmas, this might be the idea you’ve been looking for!  I replace my pictures with Christmas pictures, but I use to just take the collages, etc off the wall and leave them down.  Until my friend Trish told me what she does, and I”ve done it ever since!  I wrap them!  That’s right, just wrap it, and hang it back up on your wall. It looks like a present on your wall and it’s so much fun, and so pretty!

4.) Tip number 4 is for anyone that will have littles in their house during the Christmas season.  It’s simple, but so helpful.  Just change out all those pesky hooks on your tree ornaments for bread ties!

This is kindof a recap, summary.  If you’d like to hear me give these tips in detail, and if you’d like to hear the rest of them, I’ve linked the playlist to the picture in the top right, and you can watch it when you get a chance!

Smile through the Trials!



The thankful/grateful child. Are we teaching them properly?

Hey guys!  How was your Thanksgiving?  I hope it was very blessed.  I love Thanksgiving.  Not a lot of pressure leading up to it, other than to plan the menu;  Cooking with my mom all day while my husband fries the turkey and my sister entertains my children… (She makes her part of the meal before hand and I’m not gonna say who that deal works in favor of… wink, wink!) It’s just a really nice day.  And I’m sure many of us share the tradition of going around the table saying what we are grateful/thankful for.  Some take it more seriously than others, but it’s a nice tradition.  Some answers are predictable, some make you think, some make you emotional, and inevitably at least one will make you laugh!  (At least at my house!)

Thanksgiving is a time set apart to consider what we are thankful for.  And I love that.  I know that some people will rather adamantly say it’s silly because we should be thankful all year round, but I still think it’s nice to set aside some time to think about, and express it.  And I want my kids to learn to be thankful but also to be grateful.  They are pretty much the same, but to me grateful takes being thankful for something one step further, and means you really appreciate, and value it.

Now I know that appreciation for the people in their lives probably won’t come until later.  Understanding how blessed you are to have the people in your life is a bit beyond a child’s understanding.  Though they will usually say they’re grateful/thankful for their family.  But man do I wish they were a bit more grateful for all the blessings they have.  I have a few that really struggle with gratefulness.  Who never seem to be satisfied.  I mean, they really appreciate that gift they asked for, and they do, they get excited and give you a million thank you’s!  But,  they soon want to know what’s next.  It’s a bit disappointing as a mother.  And I’m sure I’m part of the problem.  I mean, each personality is different and their own personality plays a big role.  But I love birthdays and Holidays, and I make a big deal, and usually go to the ends of the earth for whatever special item each child wants the most.  That’s just who I am.  I love to get special gifts for people.  Not just my kids, I put quite a bit of thought into any gift that I buy.  Because I love it.  I do limit the number for each (I have to, there are 6 of them!- my step daughter doesn’t live with us, but that doesn’t change anything for Christmas.). I”m also a bad example because I tend to love stuff….!  I’m pretty open about the fact that I am a hoarder.  I’m working on it though.

But where’s the line?  I know I’m not the only momma who’s kids can be ungrateful.  Especially in this day and age, in America.  The only way I know to teach them is to show them.  Lets be honest, you probably have just about everything you want too.  On a small scale, maybe not the house, car, etc.  But you get the stuff for your hobbies, buy clothes, etc.  We sacrifice a lot of our wants as moms, but on some level we still indulge in our desires.  Even if it’s feeding our coffee addiction!  So my point is, we should strive to show them how grateful we are for those blessings.  Show them that we appreciate what we have.  Say things like “I’m so glad that I’m able to drink my favorite coffee.”  Or “I know not everyone has this much craft stuff.  I’m so grateful I can make the stuff that I love making.”

Our kids are growing up in a world of instant gratification.  Not only of abundance, but probably of over abundance and clutter.  Lets strive to teach them that we shouldn’t have stuff just to have stuff, and have it sit around us.  But we should make sure we appreciate, use, and care for, what we do have.

Smile through the Trials!



Holiday Movies and Family Traditions!

Because of the love I have for, I’ve entered into an affiliate relationship with them.  This doesn’t mean I say anything that I don’t believe to be true.  I love what they have to offer and think you will too.  If you order from them through one of my links, they will pay me a small commission as a “thank you” for recommending them to you.  This will not effect the price for you at all, and I appreciate you trusting me to find great products and prices for you! 

Hey guys!  I was just thinking about Thanksgiving, Christmas, and all the fun traditions.  We have a lot of Christmas traditions, but not a whole lot on Thanksgiving.  Other than to eat, and eat, and then eat some more!  One thing we do though, is  watch Charlie Brown Thanksgiving.  I’m not gonna lie, my bigger kids think it’s boring, but I don’t care!  It’s a tradition!!  And actually, that particular Thanksgiving movie is educational.  So little emphasis is placed on learning from the character and struggles of those who’ve gone before us these days, that I really like a little something with a good History lesson in it!  Do you watch anything in particular on Thanksgiving?  Maybe the parade? We never catch the parade because we don’t have cable.  But I know that’s a big tradition for lots of people.  And of course, football! I haven’t seen this movie, Love at the Thanksgiving Day Parade, so that’s one I’m excited to get and watch this year! 

What about Christmas?  We have a lot of movies that we watch every year leading up to Christmas Day.  Elf, Christmas with the Kranks, The Grinch….. And then on Christmas Day we usually chill out after opening gifts and watch whatever movies the kids happened to unwrap that day.  My mom and sister usually get each of them at least a couple of new movies for Christmas.  And since we’ve usually been watching Christmas movies for a really long time by time the big day gets here, it’s nice at that point to watch some “regular” movies! But we aren’t to that point yet this year, and right now I’m getting really excited about all the Christmas movies, especially since so many are on sale at and some of them I’ve never heard of, so that will be nice to get to add in some new ones!  My favorite on Netflix btw, is Holiday Engagement.  I don’t know what it is about that movie, but I love it!  The kids and I also like Pete’s Christmas on Netflix.

Movie gifts for the whole family!  Rather you’re interested in rushing to order something to watch on Thanksgiving Day, or looking for some fun new Christmas titles, now’s the time to check out  But, even movies that aren’t related to the Holidays are on sale right now for their pre Black Friday sale!  They have lots of them including a whole section on their top sellers from 2017!  I’ve been browsing all day and I really think there’s a little something for everyone.  Movies are such a great gift because they can be watched numerous times, can be great for that person that’s hard to buy for, and because they cause little to no clutter!  And for that matter, any gift that can be ordered online makes life just that much easier!

Let me know what you find!  I’d also love to know, what movies do you watch every year, and on which Holiday(s)?!

Smile through the Trials,




You are their example, like it or not!

It’s so hard sometimes, knowing how influential we can be on our kids.  It seems unfair, really.  I mean, we can spend years acting “right” in front of them and as soon as we start to let our bad side show, they latch on to it like a spider pouncing on its latest catch…  I mean, I don’t know if spiders pounce, but you get the picture.  They latch on and suck every drop of “Mama is a bad example” out of that thing that they can get.  It’s one thing when they’re little, and they might not catch on.  But as they get older and they do catch on, you really have to be careful.  You have to think about all the character building you’ve tried to instill in them all these years, and put it to practice.  They learn so much more from what we do than from what we say.

Back to the part about it being unfair… ya know, the funny thing about kids is they think they know a whole lot more than they really do.  So all of the complicated situations that we are trying to deal with are not just our situation to deal with privately, they happen right in front of them, and they think they know what’s going on.  But they usually don’t.  So they don’t really get why we respond the way that we do, but they soak it up anyway.  And once you let them see your snarky side, you know they’re gonna embrace it.  Kids embrace anything that they see as an excuse to be snarky themselves!  You just want to express to them that “I’m being snarky for a reason. but it doesn’t mean you can just start being snarky.”  And I’m gonna go ahead and be the one to break this to ya, every negative thing they pick up from you, they will use against you at some point!  Oh believe me, it’s gonna happen.  So unfair.  And infuriating for real.  All the sweet little glimpses of your own personally that have warmed your heart to see in your child since they were little… yeah, it’s like that times 10, but in a negative way, when your own smart mouth is spitting your own bad attitude right at you!

But here’s the thing.  I also don’t want my kids to see me as someone who won’t stick up for myself.  I don’t want them to grow up and let people walk all over them.  I want to be an example to them of knowing your worth (not pride, that’s different.) and not letting people make you feel inferior.  So where’s the line?  Certainly there’s a way to stand up for yourself with out having a bad attitude.  I’m just not good at it! Lol!  That was kind-of a joke.  Kind-of.  But seriously, being the example of how they should handle things is so hard.  Because again, they usually don’t get all that’s involved as much as they think they do.  Every negative, caddy comment they over hear come out of your mouth, gives them just a bit more permission to have that type of attitude themselves.  It’s just not fair.  I guess as a kid I didn’t realize how much parents were still people too.  And I didn’t realize how much growing I’d still have ahead of me even after my kids were born.  And now I have to try to grow and learn with all these little versions of myself watching my every move.  (My oldest isn’t really a little version of myself.  He’s already 5’9″, more like a duplicate version of his father, which is uh, it’s own issue. Lol!)

I don’t know what to say except keep trying to be the best example you can be.  Kids take things to the extreme so modeling any attitude the way you want them to see it isn’t easy.  I try to be very open with my kids and explain my feelings and motivation as much as possible.  Especially when dealing with other people that are difficult to deal with.  But I don’t feel like I’m really balanced in it.  That’s what I believe to be the answer in most areas of life.  Finding the proper balance.  If you’re struggling with this, you’re not in it alone though, I’m right there with you!  Feel free to leave me a comment and weigh in on this difficult topic.  It’s got me racking my brain at times.  I’m just gonna tell you again where I stand on it.  It’s not fair!

Smile through the Trials!



New Adventure!

I can’t wait to share my newest fun with you.  If you follow me on Facebook you alredy know.  I’ve decided to work with a relatively new company called Chalk Couture.  It’s so much fun and I can’t wait for you guys to give it a try!  I want to share the fun with you all so I decided to share it here and invite you to come along this fun, easy, crafty, DIY journey with me!

What is Chalk Couture:  It’s a company that offers transfers to make chalk boards, signs, etc very easy and fun!  The transfers are similar to stencils, but it’s more like screen printing, like you’d do on a t-shirt.  You simply take your chalk paste, and smooth it over the transfer, and when you lift the transfer you’re left with a perfect image!  It’s so easy and so much fun!

Why I joined:  I’ve got a lot going on.  And although crafting was always meant to be part of the focus of this blog, I was a bit concerned that another business would take up too much of my time.  But, as much as I love paper crafting, it tends to be very time consuming for me.  This was something I could jump in to that allows me to finish a project that I love with a much smaller time commitment.  And, speaking from a business minded point of view, it’s a great company to get in on right now.  It’s still very much a ground floor opportunity and I truly believe it has the potential to grow exponentially!  I just couldn’t pass up the opportunity!  Since it’s home decor rather that just craft/hobby focused, it does really well.  Almost everyone has signs, or chalk boards in their house, even people that aren’t “crafty”.

How you can join me:  I’d absolutely love to have you join me in this!  It’s so easy, just go to my website,, and click on “join”.  It’s a $99 investment for $200 worth of product and then a $25.99 monthly membership.  (Totally worth it for your website, especially since it includes an early release transfer each month that only members receive!)

The best way for me to explain all of this, is really to show you!  Here’s the link to the video I did live on FaceBook.  Comment either there or here and let me know what you think!  This is going to be so much fun and I’m really excited!

Smile through the Trials!




First child perfection

I could write so many posts with this same title… The experience of being a mom for the first time is like no other.  I know that if you are one, you think you’re not the “typical first mom”.  I thought I wasn’t.  I had a lot of experience with children so in that aspect, I wasn’t.  I wasn’t at all intimidated by holding a new baby, and things like that.  But I was very much a “typical first mom”!  I only know that now, so go ahead a re read this if you have more kids down the line and let me know if you realize you were one too!  Those of you that have more than one, can I get a witness?!  You learn so much with that first child.  But you learn all new lessons as you keep going down the line.  Even if your first child is your only child, your understanding of motherhood is ever-changing as you grow along with that precious bundle.  (That becomes not so precious when the pod people start to take over in the pre-teen years and then gain complete control in the teen years!) Regardless of how many we have, we always realize looking back that we were particularly hard on our first born.  It’s a strange mix of having babied them like crazy because they were our whole life, but expecting quite a bit from them.  I have a video of my oldest sitting as a very small baby.  Literally, an infant, trying to reach a bowl that was in the floor next to him.  I was saying “you can get it, don’t give up.”  I watch that video now like “Just give that baby the bowl!”  I mean, he did eventually get it, but mylanta, it was a bit obnoxious to expect him to!

I was trying to figure out why we are so hard on the first one and I think I know what at least part of the reason is.  I think it’s because we haven’t yet really grasped that our child is human like everyone else.  We really do think that child is perfect, and thus want to make sure everyone else realizes it too!  And not in a sense of showing off, just wanting people to appreciate how truly special our child is.  Now, every child is special, but as we get some parenting under our belt we realize our kids are gonna make bad choices just like everyone else.  Our kids are human and everyone else doesn’t see them as the center of the universe, even though we do.  If my oldest misbehaved in public I was mortified.  Actually my first or second. It’s a good thing I had my kids in the order that I did, because my littler kids are way more difficult than my first two, and I would have long decided I’m just the worst mom in the world had the 3rd and 4th come first.  Thankfully before they came along I had already started to learn, and accept the dreaded fact, that my children aren’t perfect.   That’s not to say I don’t still get anxiety over certain situations,  but I’m better at accepting it.  You see, then I also always felt like their behavior meant I was a good mom.  I now know that some kids are just harder to handle, and even if you are a consistent, just parent, you can not fully control some people.  So while extreme situations still mortify me, the simple wining in the store doesn’t make me feel like I must be doing something wrong because my kid isn’t acting right.  I get looks that imply that, of course (yeah thanks for that, as if the tantrum isn’t bad enough!) but I know that it’s not always my failure.

The oldest also gets the brunt end of the deal when you do have more because they’re expected to act right because they “know better”.  Isn’t it funny, my oldest was 7 when Gracie was born.   He seemed like such a big boy to me.  At that age, I expected him to act right and would say “you’re 7 years old.”  Now, looking back, she’s 6, almost as old as he was then.  But she doesn’t seem so mature to me.  And he still gets “you’re 13 years old, she’s only 6.”  Even though he was expected to “know better” at 7.  I’m not saying she gets by with everything, she doesn’t, I’m not dumb, I know she knows what’s what.  But he’s still the one that I expect to make the right choice in spite of everyone else because he’s the oldest.  I am very careful not to give him responsibilities that are unfair though.  So while I might ask him, or Carly (2nd child) to fill sippy cups before we leave the house, or grab diapers, I don’t ever hold him totally responsible for his siblings.  (except on the rare occasion that he babysits one, but that’s never more than 2 hours.) But in some homes the oldest has to take on that responsibility due to circumstances.  If that’s the case for you, please make sure to give that child some “down time” to just be a child.  And I think we should all spend a bit of our energy making sure our oldest knows how special they are to us, and that even though we might expect a lot from them, we are very proud of them and love them just as much as when they were that tiny baby that changed our life!

Smile through the Trials,



Halloween costumes for teen/preteen boys, that aren’t scary.

So, I told ya’ll that I don’t let my kids dress up as anything scary for Halloween.  I wouldn’t anyway, but especially not since I have very little children as well and don’t want them to be scared.  But with older boys it can be hard to find costumes that aren’t scary.  I thought about that and wanted to offer a few suggestions.

  1. Darth Vador-  Darth Vador is great because he’s kinda “scary, but not scary”.  He’s a scary guy, but the outfit and mask won’t be giving anyone nightmares.
  2. Other Star Wars Character’s- Light sabers are cool and fun.  I don’t care how old they get!
  3. SWAT, police officer, or military- My son had a SWAT hat and vest last year that was meant as an adult costume from Walmart,  and it was a good “dressed up, having fun, but not too all out because I’m not a little kid” costume, in my opinion.  I think anything you can grab at an Army surplus store would bring the same effect.  I’m sure Walmart would also have something that would do the trick in these cases.  And boys of all ages feel cool when they dress up as these real life heroes, even if they don’t admit it!
  4. Detective/FBI-  Similar to above, but can totally be home made.  And he can pull off acting like he’s not dressed up if he sees anyone that he suddenly needs to be “too cool to dress up” in front of! (wink, wink)
  5. Martial Arts- if you want to be specific he could be the karate kid, or Jackie Chan, even Chuck Norris (If he knows who that is!). If he’s in Martial arts he has a quick easy costume ready to go already!
  6. Shrek-  I just think this would be fun!  And hey, he’s an ogre, so he’s another good “scary, not scary” choice.
  7. The State Puff Marshmallow Man- My cousin is such a good sport.  Her little boy is going as a Ghost Buster, and he was so excited that there was a State Puff costume!  So, yup, she’s doing it!  She’s dressing up in it just for him! That being said, I think it’d be fun for a teenage boy, especially if he has younger siblings going as Ghost Buster’s as well!
  8. Skate boarder/athlete- This could be as easy as carrying a skate board or a specific type of ball.  Or go a step further by dressing as a specific athlete.
  9. Doctor/nurse- easy to pull off with a stethoscope and scrubs or just a white lab coat.
  10. Hip hop dancer-  He would get to dress “cool” and act like it aint no thing!  Bonus if he can break out some cool moves!

My son hasn’t decided what he is going to do this year, but these are definitely some suggestions that we will be considering.  He did tell me that he’s probably just going to wear that SWAT vest and stuff that he wore last year to the Halloween party at Tae Kwon Do.  Works for me!

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The Mom stress of kids making friends…

I love seeing my kids play with other kids.  The laughter, the fun, the imagination.  I love to just listen to them talk and play.  The stuff they come up with is always so funny!  (And often enlightening to how they perceive the world, if you pay attention.) Isn’t is funny how we get nervous for our kids when they go some place new?  I never knew that when I was a kid.  That nervous feeling inside when you are going into a new place, and have to face a new group of children that you know nothing about, and wonder if they will like you or not.  Or if you’ll be able to make a friend…  Yeah, I never realized until I had kids of my own that I would feel it for them too every time.   I remember when my oldest was in pre-k.  We went to the first parent teacher conference and we could walk around and look at things they had made, and the little play areas, etc.  There was a couple near me that started to talk to the teacher.  She was telling them about their child’s behavior and such at school (good report, not negative) and the mom anxiously interrupted her and asked “Does she have friends?”  It was interesting to me.  Of course we want them to have friends.  It’s lonely for a kid to be at a place with lots of children yet feel alone.  And that whole “just be yourself” bit makes complete sense to us once we are grown, but it’s not so easy for the young and insecure.  I guess the best we can do is teach them confidence and hope it takes.

It’s definitely easier when you just take your kids with you to a friend’s house who has kids.  Funny because we just expect them to get along with our friend’s children.  I guess it makes ok sense though.  It’s almost like family, and you expect them to get along with cousins in the same way.   It also happens in reverse sometimes when we start talking to their friend’s parents.  We become friends too and then they get to see them when we get together.  I’m glad I’ve liked the moms I’ve met so far.  That would really stink if your child formed a really great relationship with another child and their parents got on your nerves, or you just flat didn’t like them! I would assume that will happen to me at some point, but I’m thankful it hasn’t yet.  Although that might be something I’ll ask some people about and write a future post on, because I think it would cause some interesting scenario’s!  I guess not if you don’t spend much time with, or talk to, their friends parents.  But I can’t, in good concience, let my child go anywhere with an adult that I know nothing about.  Sometimes you can feel a bit goofy.  Like it’s no big deal and you’re being “the weird one” but I don’t care.  I take safety very seriously, and though I do realize you don’t truly know a person by having a few casual conversations with them, I still like to try to get to know them at least a bit.  Of course you can also have that difficult situation where you know and trust the parent, but you know they are just enough different than you that you worry about the influence when your kid’s there.  That’s a hard one.  I’m ok with my children being around people that are different that me, that’s like, living life 101, right?  But I’m pretty conservative in a lot of ways and being around people that think the things I worry about are no big deal, could influence my child in a way I’d prefer not.  Of course if another adult ever told my child that I’m wrong and being too strict, my kid wouldn’t spend time with them with out me anymore!  But they can still pick up on little attitudes and stuff.

It’s hard isn’t it?!  We can’t keep them in a bubble, we want them to enjoy life and get to have fun and have friend’s.  But man, there’s so much to think about!  I probably over think it.  But I’m a mom, that’s my job! LOL!  Anyway, do you have any helpful advice you give your kiddos about making friends and being a good friend themselves?  And what interesting situations have you encountered involving your child making friends?  I’d love to know!

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Time to choose Halloween Costumes!

Halloween 2016

It’s that time again!  What do you do for Halloween?   We honestly aren’t really big on it, but we do have a lot of fun letting the kids dress up.  My little one’s especially, love to dress up for play all through the year, so an excuse to go out in public in their costumes is always welcome!  (Although my son was seriously that kid that went everywhere in his Captain America costume for the better part of a year…) So, I’m curious, what are your kids going to be for Halloween?  My girls already got Jo Jo Siwa  costumes from Wal-mart.  I’m not sure if they will both go as Jo Jo, but they’ve got the costumes and they’re actually really cute!  Wal-mart even had these really cute pink light up high tops that go with it really well.  And for right at $20!  If you’ve seen  high tops like them elsewhere, you know that they usually  cost around $60 minimum.

I’m not sure what my thirteen year old will be, and my four year old is leaning towards a power ranger, or a dinosaur   All of these are, of course, subject to change.  Probably more than once before it actually gets here!

Now, here’s the kicker.  What should the baby be?!  I’m so excited to dress her up, but they have so many cute costumes that I don’t know how I can choose!  My oldest was a snowman for his first Halloween.  That was easy, because “Frosty the snowman” was his favorite song, so when we saw the snowman costume we knew it was perfect!  Those types of things work out so well, but there’s really nothing she especially likes right now.  (Also presenting a problem for her First Birthday Party in Nov.)  I know it doesn’t have to have a special meaning, I might just pick one that I can’t resist based off of adorableness!  (is that a word?!) I’d love to know what your babies have been for Halloween?!  And what’s your process for choosing the perfect costume?  Or do you just let them pick something?

I thought maybe it would be helpful to compile a list of just about fail proof costume choices.  I think these suggestions are best for children in the 5-12 age range, but everyone is different so I’d decide based more off of personal taste than age.


  1.  Jo Jo Siwa. –  I might as well put this one on here since it’s obviously a popular choice.  Both my 6, and 11 year old daughter’s  just had to have it!
  2. Descendants- Any of the character’s from the Descendants movie’s will probably be a great choice.  Plus since we are talking Halloween here, these characters are perfect because they’ve got that bit of “good to be bad” attitude since a lot of them are, of course, the children of villains.  As a matter of fact, my daughter just had to get the Evie wig when we were at Walmart.  I guess she’s hoping for more than one occasion to dress up…
  3. Wonder Woman- The movie is new and very popular, so you probably can’t go wrong with a Wonder Woman costume.  I also noticed at Walmart, that there are a few different options for Wonder Woman (One pants outfit, I think I saw two different skirt options) so that’s nice for girls with varying tastes.
  4. Any Disney Princess-  Of course, especially for the younger girls, you probably can’t go wrong with a Princess.  I suspect Belle and Moana will be some on the top of the list, since those movies are more recent.
  5. Super Hero-  I saw a lot of Bat Girl costumes, including the oh so fun Lego Movie version.  Not all girls wanna dress up as a Princess, but don’t dismay, because there are plenty of super hero options available as well!


  1. Power Ranger-  This is first on my list becuase my little one is obsessed with Power Rangers, and the movie is still pretty new so I’m thinking it’s gonna be a popular choice.
  2. Super Hero- Batman, and/or Lego Batman will be  fun for boys, and I’m still gonna say any Avenger would be a safe choice.  There’s not a recent  movie but it’s heroe’s are still very loved!  My kids are also still very in to Superman, Spider Man, The Flash, etc.
  3. Minion-  Minions are fun for all ages, and if you have a little one that wants to go as one, it’s fairly easy for other members of the family to join them by putting together normal clothes to match what a human character on the movie wears!
  4. Star Wars- It would be fun to dress up as any character off of Star Wars!
  5. Minecraft- I don’t know how to dress up as Minecraft.  I did see one strange looking mask.  But if you can get creative and find, or make, a way to dress up as anything off of the game that’s all the rage with kids of most ages, it’ll probably be a winning idea!

I can’t wait to see what we end up with this year!  Feel free to leave me a comment and share what your family will be going as, or even let me know how it went after the fact!!